Fresh & Clean Eating in Greater Palm Springs

It’s that time of year again when resolutions have been made to be better versions of ourselves in 2018!

For some, that may mean trying new approaches to certain things in life like laying off certain foods, picking up a new hobby, getting a new job, or just being more in tune with their needs and practicing better self-care. As for me, I have a lot of resolutions. But one I’d like to share with you all today is about being more health conscious and becoming better aware of what it is that I am consuming and putting into my body.

I want to be the best version of myself too, from a health standpoint. However, I am taking baby steps, as all good things take time. And I am also learning along the way too–about the health foods I like, and don’t like, and what is best for me. 

So because of this, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone a bit, and explore fresh and clean eating in the Palm Springs region. Check out the article (live on the Greater Palm Springs website) for the best in savory and nutritious meals in the desert. 

Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Fruit Wonders.jpg
Fruit Wonders.jpg
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Raw Remedy Organic Juice & Raw Food Bar
Notes by Cin