5 Ways To Be More Productive

Ways To Be More Productive

Let’s face it…the world we live in today is very busy. It seems like everyone has too much to do and not enough time to do it. And with so many distractions all around us, it’s no wonder why we can’t seem to get everything done, especially on time.

One way to fixing this problem is by finding the right solutions to be more productive. But how, you ask?

Being more productive is easier said than done for a lot of people, myself included. But the important thing is to try and to also remember that there are several ways to combat this and conquer the day.

In this post, I share and break down my five ways to be more productive and get more out of your day. These suggestions may not sound easy at first, but trust me, they are worth it!

5 Ways To Be More Productive

5 Ways to be More Productive

1.     Get more Sleep & Wake up Earlier

Getting More Sleep

I know, I know…getting more sleep is something you hear and read about all the time, but honestly, it’s the truth. Getting a good night’s rest is exactly what our bodies need day in, and day out, in order to recharge for the next day and get things done. Not sleeping enough could lead to stress, high blood pressure, or even illness.

Waking up Earlier

Okay, so I have to admit, I am not an early bird – like at all. However, as much as I hate it, I do try my best to wake up early in order to get the most out of my day. Waking up earlier during the week and on the weekends allows me to get a good workout in and start my day on the right foot. It also allows me to work on the chores that I didn’t get to the night before so that the rest of my day is worry-free of small tasks. This also gives me the opportunity to focus on the more important things in my schedule. Finally, it gives me an opportunity to get out of the house sooner and beat some morning traffic or run errands earlier, before the crowds come in..

5 Ways To Be More Productive

2.     Plan Ahead

This may include preparing the night before for your work day by planning out your outfit for the day, or even just preparing your breakfast and lunch in advance. Simplifying your morning routine cuts out distractions and helps you focus on the tasks at hand, like getting to work on time!

Or if you have a big day coming up, try thinking ahead of all the things you’ll need to take it on. This may include purchasing certain materials ahead of time, making necessary arrangements or appointments so you’re not stressing last minute, or becoming more informed by looking up information that will help you prepare.

5 Ways To Be More Productive

3.     Get Organized

Seriously, a key step in being more productive is getting organized in your day-to-day life. For me, I’ve found that the best way to stay organized and on top of it is by making lists and taking notes–hence the name of this blog, Notes by Cin!

At my work desk, you will find all three of these things: an agenda that lays out my daily routine, sticky notes detailing the tasks I need to accomplish, as well as pages of hand-written notes that help remind me of what needs to get done for the upcoming week and month. (If it weren't for all these organizational tools, I would not be able to handle working full-time, freelancing on the side and blogging in my spare time!)

5 Ways To Be More Productive

Something else that I find very helpful is typing up any notes I have on staff meetings or freelance assignments. This helps me remember things better and makes for a much nicer presentation of my notes. In other words, if my notes are messy and all over the place on paper, I find that I will be all over the place too. But if my notes are written clearly and laid out in a well-organized manner, I will be much more productive in the long run.

Lastly, another great way to get organized is to color code items in your calendar or agenda. Doing this will allow for tasks to easily stick out to you at-a-glance. You may choose to do this by highlighting certain events or deadlines in certain colors, or by writing things down with different colored pens.

5 Ways To Be More Productive

4.     Prioritize

You may be the best multi-tasker there is, and although that is great and all, it’s sometimes better to take things on one step at a time, before moving on to another.

Take it from someone who prides herself on being an excellent multi-tasker...the tip above is true and applies to all. Prioritizing goes hand-in-hand with getting organized because creating lists or having a daily agenda makes it easier to see what you need to do first, and what can wait for later.

5 Ways To Be More Productive

5.     Set Time Aside for Yourself

All work and no play can cause serious damage to not only your productivity, but your health as well. It’s important to remember to take time for yourself here and there, and take a break sometimes. Give yourself a chance to wind down from all your hard work, and de-stress. No need for a burn-out.

My favorite way to de-stress and refocus my energy is by getting my nails done, at least once a month. It’s my “me-time” to take care of myself and give myself a treat for all the work I’ve accomplished.

5 Ways To Be More Productive

There are serious advantages to taking these steps, and I hope they will help you on your road to productivity. As mentioned, it is not always easy or fun, but making subtle changes in your day-to-day routine to accomplish more is always worth it.

Try them out and let me know what you think! Did they help you? Did you find anything else that was beneficial as well along the way?

Comment your thoughts below and share what you’ve done to be more productive lately. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Notes by Cin