Desert Styled Photoshoot Meet-Up

It’s always a good time when you get to spend your afternoon surrounded by creatives. And during March 2018, I got to do just that during a Styled Photoshoot Meet-Up at the Coachella Valley Preserve in Thousand Palms.

Hosted by Palm Springs wedding photographer Brianna Broyles, the event brought together a variety of photographers for a collaborative shoot that featured two styled engagement sessions and a bohemian-inspired elopement. Altogether, there were three sets of models available for shooting, all located within different areas of the Preserve.

Photo Courtesy of    Brianna Broyles

Photo Courtesy of Brianna Broyles

Photo Courtesy of    Brianna Broyles

Photo Courtesy of Brianna Broyles

All photographers who attended benefited immensely from the event, which served as a great opportunity for photographers to network and shoot alongside each other, while also giving them a chance to build their portfolios and skill sets.

Photo Courtesy of    Brianna Broyles

Photo Courtesy of Brianna Broyles

In addition to this, the Styled Shoot Meet-Up showcased the work of an amazing group of vendors in the floral, decor, and hair & make-up industries. Each vendor brought a special flair to the shoot, creating wonderful looks for each group of models and a standout boho photo set that made for incredible pictures.


Official Team of Vendors

(Name/Website/Instagram Handle Included)                                                          

Photographer Host: Brianna Broyles, @briannabroyles

Florist: Studio Kate Floral, @studiokatefloral

Hair: Rooted Hair Studio, @rootedhairstudiolq

Makeup: Jamie Michele, @jamie.michele

Styling: Thick as Thieves, @shopthieves

Photo Courtesy of    Brianna Broyles

Photo Courtesy of Brianna Broyles

The Desert Shootout
The Desert Shootout
The Desert Shootout

Photographers in Attendance

The Styled Photo Shoot Meet-Up saw photographers from all over, including several from the Coachella Valley, the San Diego region and Pennsylvania. Yes, that’s right…Pennsylvania was also in the house for this one-of-a-kind opportunity! All of their work was equally beautiful and impressive, yet unique in its own way, which just goes to show all the different perspectives that can be received from the same project and subject matters.

Photo Courtesy of    Brianna Broyles

Photo Courtesy of Brianna Broyles

The Desert Shootout
The Desert Shootout
The Desert Shootout

Below is a list of the photographers in attendance. Check them out and explore their Instagram pages to see their work and get some inspiration for your next shoot (hint, hint: you should book them)!


Featured Photographers

(Name/Website/Instagram Handle Included)

Lauren Rachelle Photography,

Yuri Bejarano Portraits, @yb_portraits

Raven Berlin, @ravenkinslerphotography

Kip Thulin Photography, @kipthulin

Magda Aguirre, @magdaelizabethphoto

Michael Galvante Ibias, @mgibias

Michelle Jeffers Photography, @michellejeffersphotography

Rachel Ash Photo, @rachelashphoto

Alyssa Marie Photo, @alyssamarieephoto

Aaron Altimus, @arronaltimus

Dylan White Photography, @dylanwhiteproductions

Michael Rojas, @michaelrojasphotography


Pro Tips on Booking Your Wedding Photographer

As a past bride myself (you can check out the blog post and photos of our #SernaEverAfter wedding here), I know how important it is to book the right photographer for your big day.

Your wedding should be all about you and your significant other, so finding the right photographer who fits your needs is critical. So whether you’re planning for your engagement photos or for your wedding day photos, preparation is key.

To help you with the process, here are 10 tips for booking a wedding photographer, as well as some things to keep in mind:


10 Tips for Booking Your Wedding Photographer

1.       Know Their Style

Do your homework and be clear about your photographer’s approach and style. You want to make sure you’re a fan of their work, in the first place, before committing to them.

2.       Check Out Their Website or Blog

This goes hand-in-hand with the first tip. Be sure to carefully review potential photographers' websites and blogs to check out photos of other weddings they've shot, which will give you an idea of their overall work.

3.       Know Their Level Of Expertise

In other words, are they a new photographer or are they someone who has lots of experience under their belt? This will also be a good indicator of how much they’ll charge.

4.       Compare Photographer Packages

When comparing fees, it’s important to check what is included in each package, and what is not. For example, be sure you know how many photos you’re getting with your package, or how many hours are included in their day-of services. Doing this will ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck!

5.       Read Reviews

Other peoples’ experiences can tell you a lot about a vendor and their work, so reading up on their reviews is helpful.

6.       Set Up A Time to Meet In Person (Or Over Video Chat)

Think of this as a less formal interview opportunity, where you can get to know your potential photographer more and ask them all the burning questions you have. 

7.       Ask Yourself If You’re Comfortable Around Them

Remember, they will be in charge of capturing your love, so you want to be sure you can let your guard down when they come by with a camera.

8.       Make Sure Your Personalities Mesh

It’s important to get along, be able to work together and have fun, especially for such a special occasion.

9.       Ask about Watermarks on Photos

Some photographers have a policy of only posting watermarked images with their credit on them. Ask to see if they follow this policy as well. 

10.   Inquire About Post-Production

Trust me, as soon as the wedding happens, you’ll be anxious to see your photos! However, depending on your photographer’s turn-around time, it may take a couple weeks to a couple months to get a glimpse of them. So be sure to ask how long post-production takes, and when you can expect to have them delivered.


… Now, let’s get back to the Styled Photoshoot Meet-Up…

The Desert Shootout
The Desert Shootout
The Desert Shootout
The Desert Shootout
The Desert Shootout


Future Styled Photoshoot Meet-Ups

For photographers looking to get in on the action, information on upcoming styled photoshoots can be found on Instagram, by following @thedesertshootout or by visiting the official Desert Shootout site

The Desert Shootout
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